Juliette Marie Ratzken


 Juliette Marie, owner of Glowing Soul Wellness LLC,  has degrees in Psychology, Education and Applied Behavioral Analysis. After Grad School, she decided to escape the traditional methods of healing and offer yoga and meditation to her clients. She now offers private, residential and corporate yoga. Juliette also started Spectrum Yogis: Yoga for children on the Autism Spectrum. The style she teaches is “intuitive”.  “I like to feel the energy of the room and facilitate movements that feel comfortable for everyone”. She ends every class to the sound of singing bowls.  

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Eric Atman



Yoga Therapist, Gong Master and Reiki Master,

My energy work has always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, but I’ve been a Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher for four years. I started and eventually received my certification from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts/ Spirit of Yoga. I’m here to be of service…by shaking you up & holding space.

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Lesley Davis-Paige


 Leslie Davis-Paige is a Mind, Body, Wellness Practitioner. She takes a client-centered holistic approach in treating the whole person. She believes strongly in getting to the root cause and connects clients to the strength of their spirit, while gaining awareness around perceived limitations that no longer serve a purpose. She is dedicated to providing space for healing, imagination, self-expression and empowerment.

At Woosah we encourage the rest and relaxation you need to exhale. You are free to rejuvenate, have quiet-time, talk, and even SLEEP...if you choose... We have a variety of tailored services. We have private, dual, and group sessions including Yoga Nidra, Life/Soul Coaching, Auricular Therapy, Hypno-Guided Imagery, Reiki, Deep Sleep and so much more for your self-care needs.

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