Sound Healing

Eric Altman Bambukah

Eric Atman

Gong Master & Reiki Master

My energy work has always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, but I’ve been a Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher for four years. I started and eventually received my certification from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts/ Spirit of Yoga. I’m here to be of service…by shaking you up & holding space.

Jonathan Siesel Sound Healing

Jonathan Siesel

Jonathan Siesel, founder of Bambukah, LLC, has always been dedicated to the healing of others ever since he was a child.  After 24 years of healing experience his passion grew into Bambukah, LLC a community of healers dedicated to transforming lives and healing the planet.  Using Reiki energy and sound he learned to weave sound and energy into a potent prescription of vibrational resonance. 

Gong Master Teacher  

Bambukah Gong Master Training $500

Personal Sound Healing-$200

Reiki Master Teacher 

Trainings level 1 -3 + Master Teacher $200 per level 

Aunements $200

Session $100

Master Life Coaching session - $100

Master Life Coach Training -$ 500

Daniel Hirtz

Daniel has been leading drum circles all over the state from the center of his heart. He has a magical energy and been facilitating for 35+ years which he started in Europe.  He used to do "Breath and Music Celebrations with a 9 piece crew all over Austria and Germany.

I also toured here with Sat Kartar Khalsa playing kirtan. I only really have 1 focus = bring people together so deeply that they start feeling the divine energy flow between us as a living connection that we can turn on to any degree we want to to charge our batteries and build a kind of strength flows directly from life itself".  I've done hundreds of weekend seminars mostly a while back in Europe and a few here in the US. I've given 1000's of individual conscious breathing sessions


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