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Tarrin McDonald


Tarrin McDoonald is an intuitive guide holding space for transformation and wholeness. Tarrin trained in depth psychology, Celtic shamanism, Reiki, and the art of deep listening. Providing space for transformation and wholeness, she helps you live a deeper, more meaningful life. Tarrin opens space for you to discover and explore the depths of your most authentic Self, finding meaning and purpose to live a more Soul-filled life. She believes in your wholeness. She believes that your gifts are often hidden in the shadow of shame, guilt, and fear, and through intuitive work you can release all that hinders you from being your fullest Self, giving you the ability to show up in the world as your big, bold, beautiful Self. The world needs your unique gifts and talents! Tarrin is passionate about helping you discover yourSelf so that you can live the fullest, most delicious life you can live.    

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Nicole Davey


Nicole is a gifted intuitive, who uses tarot cards, numerology, birth astrology and mediumship to encourage her audience with loving intention and highest white light.

With her experience in facilitating Sound Healing, Guided Meditation and Spiritual Teaching Workshops, she has spread awakened tranquility and energetic wisdom to many.  

Known around the world as a gifted speaker, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Shamanic Story Teller, Nicole has facilitated massive past-life regression and chakra-healing broadcasts via social media that continue to transform and bless the world with enlightenment, self-acceptance and peace. 

***Services ***

Reiki- $80 @ 1 hour

Hypnosis/Guided Meditation $120 @ hour

Public speaking - $100 per 40 min class

Readings- $45 @ 1/2 hour

Design Workshop- $500

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Amanda Marquez

Amanda Marquez Bambukah

Embracing each trauma as a valuable life lesson and finding a spark of light in even the most tragic of situations allowed me to release negative energies and thus heal my heart. An epic battle of self enlightenment led me to meditation and a life of spirituality. 

Ultimately these experiences led to pronounced visions and I found myself seeing and communicating with Angels, Spirits and other Entities. My ability to channel these energies is something I am humbly grateful for everyday of my life. Gifts from an ethereal realm have been graciously bestowed upon me and it is my soul purpose to share them with each of you to help inspire & guide you through your very own unique and challenging journeys. Allow me to channel my guides and help you to find the answers you seek.

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Tery Lynn


 I’m Tery Lynn and I bring a Tachyon re-charge station. I will envelope you in Tachyon. (Tachyonized products are restructured materials at the subatomic level, harmonizing the subtle organizing energy fields (SOEF's )& then call my Precious band of Angels to clear your chakras & fill you with their love, light & consciousness.  I have been working with Tachyon since 1993 and thru several life tragedies & spiritual awakening in the late 80’s I found the angels thru the teaching of St Germaine & have been evoking them for healing for years but just for self  and close family members & friends . I now bring to the public this healing modality & share with all. 

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