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Our Journey

Jonathan Siesel, founder of Bambukah, LLC, is a well known spiritual leader with an organization dedicated to the healing arts. Beginning in 2012 Jonathan set out to build a foundation for his vision of a collective that represented the many forms of healing available to the general public. A growing awareness by the average person inspires them to seek new answers to challenging issues that they have not yet resolved. As Jonathan would say, “Fundamentally, Bambukah is an organization advocating alternative holistic health. We are creating a global community that will bring holistic wellness, consciousness and mindfulness to all seekers. We promote Unity in this way and the outcome is truly life-giving”. 

Those of us in the Conscious Community realize that there are many supremely talented people practicing a whole range of holistic and conscious methods and modalities here in town and all over the globe. We also realize that people are becoming “waking up” to new treatment possibilities at an amazing rate. We have been bringing these gifted individuals together so that those who are seeking holistic alternatives will be able to connect. Bambukah was built to be an answer to the needs of these “seekers”.

In 2016, Bambukah LLC and One True Source Network officially entered the world as a corporation. At that time, Nicole Marie Davey of Inner Wealth Today came together with Jonathan at the highest level of intention and dedication to grow together. Their combined energy as a “power couple” has proven to be both well received and impactful for their communities and friends around the world. 

Our mission is to raise the natural frequencies that resonate within our bodies. Every cell in the human body vibrates. While the speeds vary according to the various systems, each has a frequency that produces the ideal vibration, leading to a balanced body, mind and spirit. Our practitioners assist the body in reaching its ideal vibration. 

Our mission is accomplished through live group events, online events, social media, classes, and private sessions. When we talk about healing modalities we are referring to are: Sound & Vibration Therapy, Reiki, Yoga, Life Coaching, Massage, Tao Body Work, Nutrition, Ayurveda, Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Light therapy, Polarity, Sustainability, Intuitive card readings, Toe Reading, Crystal Healing, Herbal supplements, Nutritional Education, Art, and Dance. All practitioners are vetted and required licensing verified. 

We as a community have built our reputation based upon always giving our clients 100% dedication to support their healing process. We only work with gifted practitioners of high integrity who strive to deepen themselves and their personal practice, proving that they are of the Bambukah quality standard, both personally and professionally. It is for this reason we believe we stand alone in quality, value and reputation. Get to know us on Facebook at If you would like to join as a practitioner please email us at 

Jonathan Siesel on Gong stand

Jonathan Siesel on Gong stand