The Bambukah Community

A community of holistic healers who aim is to raise the vibration of the globe!

Bambukah Community Of Holistic Healers

Bambukah, LLC is a collective community of practitioners offering their gifts and services for the wellness of humanity. Our modalities are rooted both in science and ancient traditions.

Jonathan Siesel founded Bambukah: The Community of Holistic Healing in 2015. Ever since, through energy, sound, vibration, and various healing modalities, he has made a major impact on communities.  It continues to exceed expectations delivering a vast array of healing modalities while connecting to each individual honoring, supporting and embracing them. We support giving them the tools to achieve their goals and formulate their own strategies to help discover the answers they already know within. Here at Bambukah, we strive to find the most effective ways known to us to achieve these goals with grace, love, and support for those who are in the process of healing.

In 2015 Jonathan built an incredible leadership team of 26 people who have elevated and transformed lives together. Each leader has changed the world in their own respects, and have mastered their crafts creating life changing experiences all around the globe.  Bambukah has become a world class community that has a mission to transcend and raise the natural frequencies that resonate within our bodies. Removing blockages physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, provides the opportunity for healing that leads to an even more balanced life.

Our synergy and co-creation with other conscious communities who support holistic healing, creating holistic products, conscious businesses, mindful education, conscious consumerism is our primary focus. In addition, creating opportunities with companies who practice conscious business has given our team the chance to learn, live, love, and grow into the worldwide entity that Bambukah is today. While encapsulating practitioners in a safe, neutral, spiritually positive and motivating environment we assist their transformation.

We offer a Variety of Healing modalities with professionally trained and certified practitioners who have dedicated their lives to bringing wellness to the world. Bambukah provides Healing Garden Temples featuring Sonic Sound, and Vibrational Healing, Gong Vortexes, Reiki attunements, classes and sessions, Life Coaching, Massage, Polarity, Estatic Dance Ceremonies, Drum Circles of Unity, Pranic Healing, Card Readings, Yoga, Ayurveda Detox classes, Nutrition Education, Community Painting, Live Art, and more!

Specializing in Gong Vortexes and being the #1 most sought after holistic healing community in Arizona, we give life changing experiences that transform the lives of those around us. Utilizing the ancient tools and modalities of cultures all around the world, Bambukah is so excited to be working with so many companies who value wellness and align together to better the state of humanity. By aligning with organic and local businesses who vend in alignment with Bambukah’s core values, we reach beyond our clients to impact our surrounding communities as well.  We look forward to learning and growing together!