Riva Figueroa

200 Hour Registered Yoga Instructor. Certification in Holistic Health, Nutrition & Bodycare. Reiki Master. Certified Personal Trainer.

I have been going to school to acquire my skills at many places.  I have a certification in Holistic Health, Nutrition and Bodycare from the American College of Health Sciences. I received Yoga training from write an essay for me Baron Baptiste of Baptiste Yoga & Natasha Rizopoulis of Yogaworks. I have an undergraduate degree with concentration in nutrition from Cornell University, a MBA from Northeastern and I am a cerified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

I enjoy helping people develop healthy self care, nutrition, energy, and movement routines that support their greatest good and help with centering and balancing. As a working chef, movement, and energy worker, I look to very practical grounded tools we can use daily as preventative care, preventative nutrition, knowing we are not broken, but full of joy amd health and simply need to find the way to experience the maximum joy and health and happiness biology assignment writing in a world that is continuously schooling us in beliefs of disease amd brokenness.

I love the way it feels when someone books a class with me and shifts their energy, when I feel their lovely goldenness shine through as they learn and work through balancing their self. Its lovely to be in a community of like minded healers and workers.

I am here as a resource and service provider and believe that there are those who seek the skills I have and services I provide. If I seem like a fit for someone’s goals of better balancing their nutrition, exercise or self care routines, perhaps I am : )