Rebecca Gosselink

Life Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy

I went to school to receive my certificates at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in 2016.  I am currently attending Northern Arizona University for Undergrad Psychology.

I was treated for PTSD 9 years ago due to being the victim of a violent crime. I was treated with EMDR. I am not a fan of medication so the hypnotherapy and EMDR changed my life and the direction I have pursued. I absolutely love sharing this modality of healing with others!

I love empowering people to change their current state of mind. I love when that “AHA” moment appears to them and they see choices that they may have not noticed before. Being able to guide others to break through blocks and resolve issues is the greatest gift I can pay forward. “Just when the caterpillar thought it was over, she turned into a butterfly”

I joined Bambukah on May 30th, 2017. I saw the post on the SWIHA Facebook page. I have been working at building a business and this popped in at me the other morning. My passion for this modality and my desire to reach those who are in need is the reason I decided I would love to join the team.

I am a non-judgmental, caring individual. I create a safe environment in order for my client to feel comfortable to explore any issue that may be blocking their forward motion in life. I operate in the highest of ethical and moral standards.