Nadia Kim

Truth in Light Coaching and Healing – Certified: Hypnotherapist, Transformational Life Coach, Spiritual Coach, SSR Reiki Master

After studying Kabbalah for over 4 years and working to transform myself into a more positive can i pay someone to write my paper and better version of myself, I developed a desire to share that energy and help others. One day I received Divine inspiration to persue this work.

I love connecting with others and being of service by offering a judgement free space where people can dig in and find their truths. I joined Bambukah to help expand my reach to my niche audience.

I offer many modalities and the best part is most of them can be done virtually. My services include, coaching, research paper writing uk hypnotherapy and reiki energy work.

I am the facilitator of happiness and it’s my job to help you search yourself through potent questions to find your happiness. I spend a lot of time asking the Divine source to help me be a channel for others. Because of this always know that I lead from the heart and bring a heart full of love and compassion to my sessions.

I am a published author and mother of three plus a dog. I love meditation and different ways to connect to the Divine so that I can be a pure channel for others.