Ardeshir Hedayati

EFT Technique

I have back ground in clinical psychology and years of practice in other countries. At present I focus in practicing on Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping); a major direction of Energy Medicine.

I have a certification in Hypnotherapy t, I am a Yoga teacher (YTT), and a Pranic healer as well.

The method I use is a combination of all the knowledge I received during years in regards of the client type and the degree of their needs.
My core healing modality is EFT and I know it is a very sharp, gentle and a non-invasive method which helps people to clear their energy pathways (Meridian) and gain physical and psychological calmness and heal the imbalances and sufferings.

I joined Bambukah Community through a good friend of mine, Nicole, and initially I just wanted to check it out but after a short while I got this inspiration that among so many bright minded and vibrant souls as practitioners I can stay longer and benefit having them around me. They are a vibrant and inspiring team which provides more effective results and greater happiness and vibration.

I speak: English, Swedish, Persian, and Turkish.



“Ardeshir Hedayati”