Michael Keller

Satori Secrets, Marketing, Social Media

Graduated high school 1/2 year early, went to college for one semester, then moved, read a lot of business/spiritual books (always focused on improving myself), learned directly from entrepreneurs. I also have launched 2 “real” micro businesses, plus a third which I am developing right now. I have a history of entrepreneur-mindset and some “unofficial” businesses include: Managing a game server (not-for-profit but made money anyways), pizza delivery in high school, and running two YouTube channels. Work experience includes 2 years at a greek restaurant (ended up training all of the new people), MODPizza, Lamar’s Donuts, and OneAZ Credit Union.

The desire for freedom and travel is what led me down my career path.  I love the freedom to do what I want and create true value to all of my clients.

I joined Bambukah on December 7, 2016. Why?  Because I was invited to a meeting by a friend.  Now, getting involved is more of an emotional thing than a logical thing.

The focus of any of my products and services is on value creation with faith that money will be fulfilled, rather than focusing first on money then value.  I feel that my sense of adventure and free-will is what makes me a unique individual. I’m willing to make “it” happen.

…und das ist alles.I

-Michael Keller