Prosper (Ryan Sanchez)

Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Ancient Fusion

I am a student of life and a native of Phoenix, Arizona. In 2014, I completed my Kundalini Yoga training as taught by Yogi Bhajan. I was lead down this path through many of life’s lessons, signs and synchronicity. Researching ancient knowledge and the inner drive to live a healthy, harmonious life have lead me to my path. I joined Bambukah in December of 2016. I joined because I resonate with and share the vision that our Bambukah community holds.

In the current age of Aquarius, we are experiencing a transformation of humanity. I find joy and fulfillment knowing that my products and services provide healing, inspiration and play and important part in the global shift that is taking place. I feel excited and blessed to be alive at such a monumental age of information and awareness. I feel the unification of humanity heightening as we move away from surviving and more toward a world where we can thrive!

I possess the ability to live as well as speak from my heart and I hold much compassion and love for humanity and our Earth. My life’s purpose is the ability to serve, heal, inspire, connect and support humanity. My passions include movement, dance, music and healthy living. I have been a dancer most of my life and started getting into street dance styles such as popping around the year 2000. I love performing and inspiring through movement. I believe food is medicine. I am passionate about creating art in the kitchen using organic plant based ingredients, growing my own food, and supporting local farms and community gardens.

I am launching my business in the spring of 2017. I have always had a passion for fashion and art. Ancient fusion was created to highlight sacred art and local artists. My mission is to raise the standard of clothing by helping the environment using organic, recycled clothing and eco friendly inks. By supporting Ancient Fusion you will be supporting eco-friendly, sustainable, locally made clothing that is made with lots of love. Each piece of clothing will support a local artist and give back to a charity. www.ancientfusion.com

Infinite Gratitude,