Kris Rodriguez

Self Healing

After graduating high school, I went on to college to receive an associates degree in general studies.

The search and desire for inner peace is what led me down my career path. I love exploring new areas of myself I never knew existed.

I joined the Bambukah community on December 7th, 2016 to become a part of the global healing we all want for this world.

I am proud knowing that self healing can stop suicides and help improve the overall quality of a person’s life. Above all, this can make the world a better place to live.

There is never a step plan. I plan on speaking with individuals and finding out what their life goals are and develop a personalized system from there.  Everyone has something great to offer to the world. Finding out one’s greatness is the key!

Everyone is unique in their own way. I think I am naturally a realist and a structured planner. But never negating the positive outcomes of any situation presented.

Nothing is set in stone for what I am trying to accomplish just yet. However I plan to grow with the community and together as a unit I will find the best way to contribute.

Be the proliferate of good vibes wherever you go. Bad news spreads faster than good news so it will take a lot of work to accomplish what we are destine as a community to accomplish. However, love is the most powerful feeling we as humans encounter therefore it will prevail!

-Kris R.