Geoffrey Hoffman

DJ Soulfeggio

I grew up in Michigan and received a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising from Michigan State University. I studied piano from age 6 and played in high school band, and have been a recording engineer and producer for over 20 years. I became reiki certified 10 years ago and recently became interested in healing music. The soul searching journey of ancient Solfeggio tones, and frequencies based in sacred geometry, have completely changed my perspective on music and life!

I’ve always loved computers, music and art, and I’ve finally found a way to bring them all together in a way that can transform lives through sound with intention.

I also love hearing my music played loud, and watching people take a journey through my music brings me great joy, and lifts the vibration of all who experience it.

I joined Bambukah to make a greater impact with my music on a larger scale, and to effortlessly connect with like-minded individuals who are looking for new and exciting ways to reach higher levels of spirit awakening.

I’m proud to be blazing a new trail in the contemporary music scene by creating a whole new genre of electronic dance music. You won’t hear healing frequencies or Solfeggio tones in any other dance music available anywhere in the world.

I see myself as a conduit through which the universe can express itself through fundamentally resonant vibrations.

I can be contacted for consulting on recording, mixing, animation, design and marketing.

Here’s to your future Tranceformation!

-DJ Soulfeggio