Charles Lee Schagene III

President Of Positivity

Born and raised in San Diego, California, I have been crafting my skill sets since 1984.  As a sponge to the world, I soaked up knowledge as quickly as it could be given.  Always asking questions, I was determined to “figure everything out”.  Reverse engineering everything from the TV remote control, to PC computers, game consoles, cars, phones & anything else you want to throw in there that can be taken apart.

Most of my skill sets evolved around the personal computer. On paper, I am a certified computer technician and network administrator. In reality, I am a jack of all traits and master of none. I dropped out of high school to get a head start on a college education.  I received my A+ Computer Technician, N+ Network Administrator, as well as my MCSE Microsoft Certifications from Microskills technical college. During this time, I was finding out more and more that I do not like the formal educational system. I’d rather take the time to research and learn what I want to know and what I need to know to make my dreams a reality. Forever learning, never claiming to know all.

My passion to learn and grow is what lead me down my career path.  I love that I get to create my own schedule.  I also love meeting and working with like-minded individuals. I enjoy the forever changing work space.

I joined Bambukah December 06, 2016. The positive energy brought me here and the tribe members accepted me as an equal from day one.

I am proud of the products and services I have to offer because of the positive message they represent and the positive energy they broadcast.  I put forth 110% into any product I create or service I offer.  I take pride in bettering myself each time and my clients really benefit from this.  I care about my clients well being and satisfaction.  If they are not happy, then I feel I am not creating the right product for them and will alter whatever necessary to ensure satisfaction.

I feel I am a unique individual because of my personality and complete open mind. I am not one to judge and everyone I meet starts with a clean slate.  I wear my heart on my sleeve and give everyone a positive attitude.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this and may positive vibes be spread your way!

Charles Lee Schagene III

  • Web Development

  • Graphics Design

  • Photography

  • Computer Networking

  • Custom PC Workstations & Servers

  • Cultivation