Phillip Waddell

Reiki Master Teacher, Massage Therapist, Gong Master, Drum Circle Connections

After graduating high school I attended a 2 year college before going to Coconino College. I have a passion for people and seeing the change in there lives.

I have been in the medical field for six years. Helping people has always been in my nature. I wanted to help people in a deeper and more authentic level which led me to becoming a Reiki Master Teacher. I love seeing the changes in people, and them bettering their lives. Showing people that there is hope and that you can get better by having self love within yourself.

October of 2016 is when I joined Bambukah.  I met Jonathan and found out that we shared similar interests.  I could see myself expanding my dreams and reaching out to people in a bigger way. With like minded people working together, I feel we can achieve anything! I saw my dreams through Bambukah in a bigger way coming true.

I am proud knowing that my services work efficiently and can make profound permanent changes in people lives. I have five years of experience and have worked alongside worldwide companies with age groups that range from young to old. I work on the heart of people and help them change their reality by healing and letting them know they are self empowered and can overcome any life challenges. That they can make a difference in their lives through experiencing the healing in my drum circles.

What makes me unique is I have a huge heart to help people in the best of my ability to achieve their greatest goals in life.

Appreciate you taking the time to read this.

In peace & love,

Phillip Waddell