Justine Varas

Yoga Instructor, Chakra Justine Jewelry

I am a level 3 certified yoga instructor through Yoga Fit and have an associates degree of Sustainable Science as well.

I love practicing yoga, and I wish to connect with others by sharing this love of mine!

The more I do what I love, which is the practice of yoga, the more I connect with my soul and get closer to my higher self.

I initially joined the Bambukah community just to check it out. But sooner rather than later, it proved to be an opportunity of a life time to share my true passion with others and ultimately expand my consciousness. I feel the connectivity between myself and the divine now more than ever and am so excited for what the future holds!

The jewelry I create is one of a kind handcrafted jewelry that came through me from the divine.

If you choose to utilize my services, I will treat you with kindness and respect.  I believe you will become more connected with yourself and feel inspired to change your life for the better. I feel I see people in a very unique way and will be able to assist you in your most unique form!

Peace, love and blessings to all of you beautiful people! Namaste.