Elliot Kenneth Aguirre

Vibratory Outreach, Elikenagi

I graduated high school in 2008.   From there I went on the same year to become Pharmacy Tech certified from PC.  I currently have 20+ credit hours in basic education and I last enrolled at MCC for sound production and design.

Music and sound vibrations have always been what guide me.  I love the way sound can make you feel. We all have sounds embedded in our DNA and when those certain frequencies resonate with us, they completely re-program your molecular structure. Sound is a way for people to time travel. Whether its into the past or future.

I joined Bambukah in April of 2016.  I sat through a sound healing session; and for the first time,  I was able to actually experience what indigenous sounds and vibrations can do to the molecular structure of our bodies. It completely changed my perspective on life and I forever want to share space with my tribe to give that same experience to people all over the world!

I am proud of the products and services I offer because they are completely home grown and organic.  A lot of intent is put into the things I create. I definitely feel like people can feel that and resonate with the fact that I just want to give people something that shows how much I love them.

My empathy for other people makes me unique. I feel people’s energy very deeply. It makes me want to be a better version of me to try and help whatever way i can. I love to help people in whatever way possible.

I have embarked on a fire performing journey due to the self empowerment it gives to me.  It’s lit a passion so deep that goes back so many lifetimes. I’m glad to be home.

Thank you for reading.
From my vibrating heart to yours,

Vibratory Outreach