Antoine Lamar

Certified Pranic Healer, Massage Therapist Student, Artisan, Sacred Simplicity

After receiving my high school diploma,  I moved on to higher education and received my certification for Pranic Healing as well as a certification for Pranic Psycho Therapy from Master Stephen Co. I am currently attending The Arizona School of Massage Therapy.

I’ve heard my calling since birth, Over the years my path has expanded towards being a universal conduit of healing, beauty, truth, light and in every other form possible.

I love recreating the sacred space and divine unity with and for others through art.

I joined Bambukah in March of 2016.  I met Jonathan through my brother, Auryan. We all shared a common vision and have been bringing it into existence ever since.

All of my products are handmade, and customized for the each individual, not manufactured or mass marketed by machinery.

Before any of my products can be made, there has to be a soul connection. Once coming into oneness with my client, I find what their body, soul and surrounding space requires for healing and for transmutation to a higher plane of consciousness.  This is done for their highest good.  I channel that energy directly with every interaction I have with my clients.

I am unique because I am a independent thinker and philosopher.  My ideas are reflected within my art and my practices.

I have no religious preference but accepting of all religions.

Live The Divine Light,

Antoine Lamar