Nicole Marie Mitchell

Reiki Master, Polarity Massage Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Public Speaker, Intuitive Card Reader and Medium

I received all of my training at SWIHA in Tempe, Arizona. I was lead to develop Inner Wealth Today through a personal spiritual/energy awareness and an ancestral guidance that supported my inclinations of an alternative paradigm of living.

The connection between Source, myself and the client(s) is the best part of this passionate calling. The healing power that manifests through the use of IWT products and session(s) is the fruit of living, my purpose and my joy.

My good friend, Jonathan Seisel, encouraged me to align my vision with this incredible community, Bambukah. I saw quickly how the opportunities to be authentic and effective were supported through all the events and strategic networking efforts being made. It was truly a divine partnering and an answer to prayer.

Research done showcasing the restorative effectiveness of high vibrational, intention filled sounds and symbols validate the supportive healing elements of Inner Wealth Today products.  However, what fills my heart with gratitude and pride for the wonderful services and products I offer are the testimonials of people affected by their personal experiences of transformation and release. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

We believe the world will benefit from the empowering love we give to ourselves.

As a beautiful supportive element to traditional medicinal therapies, Inner Wealth Today products focus on the purest intention that the power to restore balance to the mind, body and spirit are within the individual.

My unique approach to life is that the beauty we seek in the world comes from the inside out. This beauty is eternal and even as we focus on the health and vitality seen from the outside, we find true lasting success through the cultivation of the authentic embrace we give to ourselves within.

I am a mother of 3, including one severely autistic daughter.  My children are my passion and motivation in developing alternative ways to help balance and harmonize energies within the emotional and physical bodies so that the spirit body might be fully valued and embraced!

Supporting your empowerment from within,

Nicole Marie Mitchell