Kayla Windsor

Film Producer, Photographer, Emaginariumm Productions

I received my BA in film production from NAU in 2014. I have been working in the film industry on commercials, feature films, and TV shows. Filming after movies for Local in Arizona, and all the way to worldwide events.

I love doing different things everyday and meeting new people. I help people feel so comfortable that they just have to share it, and their story with others!

I joined Bambukah in January of 2016. The reason being is because Bambukah is filled with extremely positive people! It gave me a place to come in as an individual and work together with like minded people to achieve my goals and dreams.

I have worked for over a decade to master my equipment on an enlightened level. Every time I make a video or take a picture its giving a piece of myself and my entire lives worth of experience. I always deliver a unique and personalized product that I work extremely hard for.  Because of this, it has allowed me to work with major companies around the world.  My family has made me really unique. I have been taught to work with my intuition and getting my hands involved with what I do. I love to travel and be a part of things that are much bigger than I am, I don’t consider myself normal at all.

🙂  Love and light,

KAyla Windsor