Justin Parsons

Gong Master, Fire Spinner, Gem Healer, Ecstatic Dance

I am an honors graduate from SUNY Albany where I studied business and accounting. Since graduating from college, I have had a thirst for knowledge in personal development,  spirituality and health. This has led me to become a certified Bambukah gong master sound healer, crystal gem healer, and ecstatic dance practitioner. I learn more every singe day as these passions (dance and sound healing) are part of my daily practice.

My path to becoming the healer and community member that I am today was my personal struggle with illness and disillusionment post college. Up until graduating I had followed the path most often and highly recommended to me, which as a straight ‘A’ student meant going to college for something that would “make me a lot of money and provide security”. So, instead of doing any should searching or listening carefully to what my heart advised… I went to college for accounting. It was not until final semester that I had a revelation, my lack of genuine passion and interest in the subject left me wondering why had spent so much money and time obtaining this degree. My gainful employment post college in my field further pulled back the veil, revealing my true hearts desire was not to work for a large financial institution. In 2014 mounting health problems were mounting. Severe back pain and fatigue left me barely able to work, and a non empathetic or caring medical system felt more detrimental than helpful… offering little help or solutions when they were unable to determine the issue with basic tests and rays.

In a stroke of luck and divine intervention I was finally diagnosed with Lyme’s disease. The western medicine solution of antibiotics was not nearly thorough or complete in providing the healing that I required.  Having now spent years in fatigue and depression,  I required a reintroduction and re connection with my body. Luckily again, I was led to an ecstatic dance practice which allowed me to finally regain a healthy relationship with my body, mind and soul. It was my pact with the universe while I was sick that “if I find healing I will help others find it too”…. and that’s why I do what I do now!

I love to dance, create art & music, eat delicious food, travel and swim.

I decided to join Bambukah because community is one of the single most important aspects to individual health, and I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful and supportive community than Bambukah. I am proud of my products because they are the product of divine earthly creation and human design. We selected top quality partners to ensure the highest possible integrity, and it will benefit amazing members of your community! I am unique because I posses the ability to listen to my inner voice and knowing, which calls me to live my unique purpose.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this.
With peace and love in heart,

Justin Parsons