Jonathan Siesel

Gong Master Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Life Coach, Yoga Instructor

My school path led me to receive my associates degree in Psychology.

I was fascinated with learning about how to better myself through various healing modalities and had a desire to share spirituality and consciousness with the people.

I love seeing the transformation in peoples lives as they transition back into their truest selves. Operating in higher frequencies than ever before! I enjoy seeing how people can impact the world in positive ways for themselves as well as others.

I created Bambukah through an idea to provide the world with life changing experiences through healing in various forms. I also wanted to develop a path to provide affordable ways to maintain health through conscious products in people’s homes.

It makes me proud knowing we can  make a positive impact in people’s lives that create wellness in all four bodies. Spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical.

We look to co-create with like minded conscious companies who share similar and complimentary visions.

My connection to universal energy, time, space, sound  and vibrational algorithmic tonality through 12 various forms of healing modalities is what makes me unique.

From my highest heart to yours,

-Jonathan Siesel