Bambukah, LLC is an organization dedicated to the healing arts. We are comprised of many practitioners and many modalities. We foster wellness through demonstrating our gifts at festivals, public & private events as well as our own private sessions. Our goal is to spread wellness, healing and awareness through the various modalities of the healing arts: Sound & Vibration Therapy, Reiki, Art, Dance, Yoga, Life Coaching, Toe Reading, Massage, Tao Body Work, Nutrition, Ayurveda, Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture, Polarity, Sustainability and other various healing art forms. Bambukah is an organization advocating alternative holistic health, we are creating a global community that will bring holistic wellness, consciousness and mindfulness to all seekers. Our mission is to transcend and raise the natural frequencies that resonate within our bodies, leading to a balanced life and state of mind! Those of us in the Conscious Community realize that there are many supremely talented people practicing a whole range of holistic and conscious methods and modalities here in town and all over the globe. We also realize that people are becoming “aware” at an amazing rate. We want to bring these gifted individuals together, so that those who are seeking holistic alternatives to benefit their lives will be able to connect.